Workshop for Everyone

Internet of Thing

for Energy Monitoring and Energy Efficiency

Thursday 10 November
14:00 - 18:00
Campus Luigi Einaudi

The subscription is required to partecipate.

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Info and Details

There will be three contemporary Workshop open to everyone .
The difficulty increases with modules.

Introduction to Arduino e Raspberry

Starting introducing Open Source Electronic and Internet of Thing and ending developing protocol for energy monitoring .

Common Open Source tools will be used, from Arduino to Raspberry. The subscription is required to partecipate. .

Project Scatol8®

Scatol8® is a device for keeping environmental variables and send data to personal computers where they are stored, evaluated and showed by Crusc8.

Project OpenEnergyMonitor

OpenEnergy Monitor is a project based on Raspberry Pi to create a device for LIVE energy monitoring directly by electric meter.

Program and Material

All partecipants should check the list material below.

Introduction to Arduino and Raspberry

Beginner level

15:00 / 18:00

In this Workshop will be describe the basis of common electronic Open Source platform, from Arduino to Raspberry Pi, the principles on electrotechnology and quick prototipation. At the end we will build an easy prtotipe for Energy monitoring.

Every partecipant has to built an easy prototipe starting from projects on the site Instructable (link below).


Database PROJECT Do-It-Yourself

  • Instructable WebSite: Preject Website Do-It-Yourself.
    We ask to all partecipants to choose one project based on Arduino or Rasperry and let us know for providing the material.

Open Energy Monitor

Advanced level

15:00 / 18:00
Link Github for the Workshop

OpenEnergy Monitor is a project based on Raspberry Pi to create a device for LIVE energy monitoring directly by electric meter.

It will be show the basis on AlternateCurrent, dephasing and a brief overview on Energy Monitoring systems.

All the partecipants will understand the OpenSource platform of Open Energy Monitor and they will have the opportunity to build a self-one using CT sensors.


WebSite Open Energy Monitor

  • OpenEnergyMonitor WebSite: Website of Open Energy Monitor project. You can find all tha informations for building a energy monitoring prototipe (circuit scheme, firmware, dashboard developing,AC current).


Intermediate level

15:00 / 18:00

Invented for suistainability – almost used in this field – Scatol8 is inspired by:

  • Open Source: not only the software but also the hardware;
  • Environmental sustainability: all contenitors are made by recycled material (materials from food and electronic industry, wood or recycled paper);
  • Sharing knowledge: Scatol8® is not only a product but also a try to make people interested in technology, sustainability and reuse of object.


Togheter for sustainable Unito

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