Workshop for Programmer, Developer and Maker

Waste management

in Smart City

OpenSource platform for cities

Friday 11 November
14:00 - 18:00
Campus Luigi Einaudi

Programmer, Web Developer or Maker?

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Info and Details

Project for a smart Management of cities waste. is a project about the waste management in the Smart City of Barcellona. Sentilo is an online Open Source platform for real time monitoring of city dumpster filling level. This project can solve many problems on the large scale.

Program and material

All partecipants should check the list material below.

Sentilo - the open source IoT platform
not only for smart cities

Advanced level

15:00 / 18:00

The Sentilo project is a publication-subscription platform designed specifically for the IoT environment. It is developed by the city of Barcelona, where it is successfully used for 3 years. The project's goal is to create a data layer that shares sensor data, traditionally locked in closed vendor systems. The workshop will be centered around the Sentilo's HTTP API, which can be used by everyone with the recently released Thingtia platform


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