Writer and Artist Jam

Street Art and Environmental Sustainability

Creativity for Society

Thursday 10 November
14:00 - 18:00
Campus Luigi Einaudi

Are you a writer or an artist?

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The subscription is required to partecipate.

Info and Details

The jam aims to paint the new recycling point in the Campus Luigi Einaudi and the new dumpsters that will de placed around the Campus.

The goal is to involve and sensitize students, researchers and people inside the Campus on sustainability.

The Contest start at 14:00 in Campus Luigi Einaudi. The material (spray, gloves, masks, brushes and paint) is for free for the first 10 subscription (see the link above).

After the first 10 subscription it is possible to partecipate but with own material.

Togheter for Sustainable Unito

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